🤔What is Block Scanner?

Block Scanner is a Discord bot that provides blockchain information to users in real-time (currently only supports Ethereum Mainnet). The bot supports a variety of commands, including getting token balances for a given Ethereum address (with a pie chart or as text), showing the address of an ENS Domain and retrieving the latest Ethereum block information. It's developed to help Traders, Developers, MEV Searchers, Block Builders and any Ethereum user.

Block Scanner uses various APIs to gather information, including CoinGecko for token prices, Etherscan for block information, Infura for ENS resolving and etc.

Block Scanner is designed to be easy to use and accessible to both novice and experienced blockchain users. Whether you're looking to check the price of your favorite token or keep track of the latest Ethereum block, Block Scanner has you covered.

Since there are no paid features in Block Scanner, the sustainability of the project (server costs, assistance to users), development of new features and coffee costs are now entirely on me. If you want to help (my Ethereum and Polygon address) : 0xB60f993f6D7B20FFBb98e9aC8bF4B52657F8A1D5

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